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  1. This is expected behaviour as far as i understand. I tried for a while to control main timeline as well as aux timelines, but never managed to make it work. We simply put everything on AUX timelines. The only thing i use the Main Timeline for if i'm controlling with MSC is for content i want on Standby. Outside of that i don't use the Main Timeline for this very reason. But the way we create shows now is designed to run from MSC - with no need for a production/control machine for the show. Especially using compositions (which are again like a timeline in their own right), there i
  2. It sounds like an interesting project I wouldn't anticipate any display issues driving just two outputs like that. We have run 6 x full HD (1920x1080) videos for a final resolution of 11520x1080 without any issue at all, from just one machine. Our limits have been the max read speed of the SSD - we're about to experiment with RAID to see if that pushes possibilities even further (driving 4 x 4K displays or more for instance). Though odd-shaped files vs formats that support them can require a balancing act. Personally i've had better success sticking to standard sizes then crop
  3. I suppose it depends if this is a temporary installation / show, or the display computer will be running this project for some time. Either way though, i'd be tempted to use a known-reliable optical output (either from a good motherboard or interface), and use an Optical to AES converter (which are relatively cheap and easy to find). I suppose it depends on WHY you need AES audio. From a Watchout compatibility standpoint however, this is probably the most reliable route in my opinion. Rob
  4. Sometimes it's codec dependent. H.264 codec taps out at 4k resolution i believe. H.265 is intended to handle larger frame sizes. We recently developed a show for the IAC Video Wall in NYC (native resolution of 22720 x 1920 or thereabouts) running 10 x display machines (though output from watchout is upscaled through Vista Spiders). Ran into all sorts of problems with video sizes for previewing and had to max size at ~4k. Of course once it was split for all machines it was no issue since each machine displays at less than 4k resolution. It did give us a chance to push our display machin
  5. If you press the space bar to advance on the production machine, does the time progress ? Or does the production machine not respond? If the time progresses but your display machine does not, i would ensure your video is encoded correctly, replace ethernet cables, etc. If the time doesn't progress, the issue is with your control machine. Turn off video preview if you haven't already. Without knowing which machine is causing the delay, it will be hard to debug. Rob
  6. Hi Jonas, OK no worries, thanks. That's where i was going wrong. I don't have a second machine with me - will just use production software for now. Will be able to connect to the venue's display machines tomorrow anyway. Thanks, Rob
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get a file that i have created using the production software to run on the same PC as my show has been created. I don't need the production software running at all as it's MIDI controlled. Is that where i'm going wrong? How do i make Watchpoint load a show without pushing it from the production software? Or is that not possible? We have several licenses, but for this show only brought one machine / key. Our machine is not being used in the show as the venue runs watchout for their display system already, but i would like to
  8. I have MIDI working great - i am looking to meet both conditions (MIDI plus another) for timed loop exit as you assisted with in a previous post. Rob
  9. Hi everyone, I can't seem to get file based control to load a show in cluster mode. I am using the example script from the manual, since i just need it to load the show then i can start my controllers. My commands file loads, so i know i have that correct, but it throws an error: "Show doesn't exist: SHOW_NAME" I have tried specifying path like you do for production mode, even though the manual says you can't. The manual says put the show file in the "shows" folder in the Watchout installation, but i can't see a shows folder. I also tried creating one and putting it in ther
  10. You don't have to map anything - just setup the inputs to respond. This has to be done one by one for each key/pad/control on the surface. There is no way to natively map it like you do a DAW / Sequencer to control play / pause etc. Personally i have started using QLab as a Watchout controller, simply for its comprehensive control ability. Watchout is still champion for actual output however IMO - and QLab can't compete with this. Rob
  11. Thanks JFK. I was looking for a way to do it from production computer based on MIDI inputs or something. But i can work with TCP : D Thanks, Rob
  12. Sorry for the vague question JFK - i guess i simply don't understand how to use layerconditions. What i take from your response is that they will respond to TCP commands - is that correct? Else - how can i modify their state? I understand how to set a layer etc. Thanks for your clarification regarding Preferences - that does make alot of sense now! I just don't understand how i control their state in a dynamic way. Thanks, Rob
  13. Thanks JFK - that makes sense - i'll try that. I'm trying to implement the solution for seamless exit of a loop that you provided a response to previously - and got stuck at this point. Thanks, Rob
  14. Hi Everyone, I have read the watchout manual on the topic, but i still cannot seem to understand how to get conditional layers to work. I am assuming these aren't exclusively for use with pickups etc, and can be used with control inputs etc? Any further advice or guidance regarding setup / usage would be brilliant. Thanks, Rob
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help - i'm not sure if Watchout can do this. Is there a way to set an input value on a timeline? For example, if i have a MIDI Control input, can i set this value from the timeline somehow? I could not find any way to do this. Thanks, Rob
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