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  1. Hi All Can someone please give me a definitive answer at to which version of HAP works with 6.1.6 when creating content? I have been told to use v9 by some people and v12 is ok by others. Thanks in advance Nev.
  2. Hi Miro Thank you for your reply I've checked and we already have the 'Prefer Maximum Performance' option enabled. I have also tried the registry hack i found here http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2490-ask-for-audio-playback-tips-in-wo/?p=10722 Still no solution as yet. We have been rolling back through the previous versions from 6.1.6 back to 6.0.2 and the problem is consistent across all versions and now across multiple OS versions and hardware builds although they are all X99. 6.2 beta on test now Any more help appreciated.
  3. Hello I have a digital glitch/pop/scratch during playback of audio and video in Watchout 6.1.6 using Motu 828MK3 Hybrid on USB. It will only occur when audio and video play together on the timeline (either separate or combined), if there is just an audio file on the timeline then there is no issue. File type, amount of channels and routing make no difference and the glitch does not appear in the same place every time but does happen 90% of the time. It does not occur in Windows (VLC etc) but only in Watchout. I have rolled back versions with no success. On the Motu the glitch is presented visually as a spike in all the channels and audibly as a digital glitch/pop, playback resumes normally after the glitch. Windows 8.1 pro Asus X99-e WS Nvidia P5000 Windows is up to date. Any ideas on what this could be? Thanks in advance.
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