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  1. Hey All, There is a feature of Watchout that I find useful at times but not at others and I was wondering if anyone has found a clever way to work around it. When you add a Computer Screen media device to the timeline it shows a blue screen when there isn't a connection- this is great for initial troubleshooting. ‚ÄčThe problem I'm having is that when I update or go back online I'm getting a flash of blue onstage as the computers recconnect. This blue also pushes through being in standby. The only solution I've found so far to absolutely avoid it is to shutter the projectors w
  2. I've been using Windows 10 and WO 6 on my Surface Pro just for preprogramming and previewing showfiles. There seems to be a memory leak somewhere that causes my computer to crash when running WO 6 (haven't tried 5 yet). The system isn't configured specifically for Watchout but I can't leave it sitting in the background for too long or my computer completely locks up. I've had the display driver crash as well. Another bug I've run into is that if I try to scroll layers the layers and the layer labels scroll independently of each other with the mouse scroll wheel. They then jump back to
  3. Hey Sean, The way we normally do redundant Watchout systems is controlling the cues from an external source. In these cases we are taking cues via MSC from the lighting console. The MIDI control goes thru a Midi Thru box (to split the signal) so both machines receive the same cues at the same time. Other options I've heard about (though I'm not sure how reliable they are) are to split the keyboard signal to both computers. You can also send TCP commands from one machine to the other but this requires a lot of extra programming. The manual lists all of the commands. You'll probably
  4. Has anyone found a solution to being able to transfer updated files to the production machine without having to close out of Watchout? Previous versions of Watchout (5.3 I believe) didn't have this issue- as long as we weren't currently referencing the file (stepped out of pre-roll range on the timeline). Matt
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