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  1. Is it possible to export media folders to another watchout project? Or to copy and paste timeline material into another project? thanks! Nick
  2. Thanks for the replys! Is there a resource I could referenece on how to set up MSC in watchout? I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how to do it from the user guide and tutorial videos. I'd like to send MSC from Qlab to trigger all watchout cues in the main timeline and an auxiliary timeline. thanks! Nick
  3. Or would I just have to create a separate folder for each - so that I can name the folder to keep track?
  4. Thanks for the reply, Rob. Being new to Watchout, I'm wondering how to approach the delivery of this combination of larger design cues, and smaller, constant subtitles. Does everything have to be on the timline and moved through linearly? For example, If I build a long complex visual cue, can I have subtitle cues going at the same time that have independent starts and stops, without stopping the larger cue? thanks! Nick
  5. Is it possible to rename a media item? I'm working with Chinese text, and because I don't speak chinese I would like to rename them to keep track of them in the midea window.
  6. Hello, I'm designing with Watchout for the first time, and the play I'm working on will be have subtitles going throught the entire production - around 200 cues alltogether. I'm planning on triggering every Watchout cue from Qlab via MIDI Show Control. Some of these cues are going to be based on a click track in Qlab. Should I plan to do all of this in Watchout? Or will it be a nightmare dealing with all these subtitles in addition to my larger image and video projection cues in the timeline? thanks, Nick
  7. Hello, I'm working on a musical using Watchout for the first time. The musical director and musicians are using a click track, and I'd like to use that click track (or more specifically, MIDI messages related to that click track) to sync watchout cues to the music. I have Qlab2 or maybe Qlab3 running on a mac mini, and Watchout running on two windows machines. The click track will also have two or three audio files synced to it for playback through the sound system, so I can't have the click track and these other audio layers in Watchout without purchasing an audio interface for
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