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  1. Sorry combine this with may last post if needed, but just to add in response to JFKs post. The Panasonic functions perfectly (not PJLink but with the Panny command controls) when sending them via telnet in terminal or any other packet sending application. its is ONLY watchout that has the really weird issue with having to send the command 3 times.
  2. I have successfully used watchout with MANY panasonic projectors before, this is a real anomaly for me. I have not reached out to Panasonic yet since that is often a road of misery. Wanted to see if anyone with similar experiences here had a solution before I tempt the beast.
  3. Seems like a thread about this comes up at least once a month, and believe me I have read through almost all of them with no solutions. Attempting to control Panasonic PT-DX100Us with watchout via TCP String Output. All projectors have admin and user passwords cleared PJLink is turned on IP/Subnet are all good. Current behavior on all projectors is if you try to connect to the projector on port 4352 it immediately rejects the connection. Sending commands via the control port (1024) (ex 00OSH 1$0D) works.... kind of. First time you send the command nothing happens, 2nd time you send the command it returns an undeliverable error, 3rd time it works. This is repeatable and consistent. Sending commands via telnet or other utilities results in expected behavior (instant reaction to first command no errors) its only exhibiting that behavior in watchout. So ver much up a creek without a paddle at the moment if PJLink refuses to even accept connections and the other control method is being silly with watchout. Any suggestions are welcome, happy to test and provide any addition information requested. P.S. Currently running watchout V5.5.1
  4. Two things discussed with my programmers on the last couple shows, and that I would love for when I have to program as well.. A hot key or large button in the interface to disable and re-enable midi control. Many times we want to turn midi off briefly while we are working when the show is being controled via MSC. Currently you must go into preferences and turn it off, then remember to go back in and turn it on. This should be more intuitive. As well when adjusting times or positions being able to enter +12 or -10 etc would be very useful.
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