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  1. Hey All! I'm about to do a show that will utilize the Spikemark/Watchout integration for the first time. I would like to separate the automation network from watchout's media network. I do have 2 NICs on the production computers - will watchout listen on both? Can I set one to the same network as the other watchout machines and one to the automation network? Thanks in advance! Ido.
  2. Hey! If I program a show on a production computer that include art-net or tcp commands in the timeline, and then I want to run it without the production computer in the system. Do those commands then get sent from the main display computer?
  3. Hello people! When trying to correct geometry on a curved surface, I’m running into an issue with linearity being way off on the sides of the surface (since there’s a big difference there of distance to PJ and the angle in which it’s hitting). But vertical geometry correction doesn’t seem to have linearity adjustment.. :-/ I’m trying to avoid using full, as that will add so many extra points and othe then liniarity the mapping is pretty good. Does anyone have any ideas or tricks to resolve this? Thank you!
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