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  1. Hi, We are working on putting some live video into our show. We received our new display computer with 3 DVI outputs for our three projectors We had the system built for us with Black Magic capture card When I went into the display computer to negotiate the SDI signal going into the black magic I had to un plug the 3 DVI outputs and plug just the monitor in the Center DVI output now the main projector is thinking that i have a hi definition monitor hooked on to it and projector has an improper size Now i cant seem to make it return to the way it was.... I also had no luck adding live video there are so many variables which have to be bang on My camera is SDI 865x480 or 16/9 Show is thursday .... Help! rob
  2. Hi, we are producing a show on Watchout version 4 which will be saved and transfered to Version 5 What process would work well for maintaining geometry and file charastics properly? I've found during my first attempt images are blurred Could it be because I don't have my KEY yet (in the mail) many Thanks Rob
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