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  1. Hi everyone, I'm working with a system of 4 WatchTowers and running into an issue with my media cache filling up. Each computer has one hard drive with two partitions apiece. One partition is about 15gb and just for OS/apps, the other is much larger and meant as a workdrive. Watchout is installed on the apps partition. The media cache seems to default to locating itself on the app partition and it is filling up quickly. Is there a way to move the cache to the other partition and is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! Just upgraded to v5 and working on configuring my setup. One problem I'm having is with the new startup script option for Watchout Display. I'm able to remotely power up/down the computers but I cannot get Display to launch at startup. When I go to edit the startup script, the file is empty. I looked through the documentation and did not see an answer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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