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  1. We have three Laptops (Win 8) here that were planned to be the production computer and those are the only ones, who can read the SSL feed. We tried to update all the other computers (laptops and Desktop) to the same standards like the working Laptops, with root certificates, windows updates and all applications. But no changes. So now those three Laptops became the DIS and the Desktop Computer have been transformed to be the Production Computer. But still not found the solution.
  2. Hey Mike, It's not a special one. On the working computers every SSL secured website can be displayed, on the other ones not.
  3. Good evening, right now we are inside of production. A Webpage should be displayed via Dynamic Image Server. We tried different computers and can`t find any solution for our problem. We have some https feed we would like to display On some computers the pages can be displayed without any problem. On other computers we get the following Error inside of Dynamic Image Server. "unable to init SSL context" But on the same computers the page can be viewed through the standard browser. We updated to Win 8.1 and installed every Software that can be found on the working machines
  4. Hey there, I just programmed a setup out of Watchout Display Computers controlled trough the Watchnet Software on an iOS Device. By now everything is working fine and the customer is happy. I wanted to create a backup of the current watchnet programming. But inside of the documentation is nothing written down. Is there an Option to export the programming in an separate File ? Or which Files do I have to copy from the Harddrive to back it up !? Thanks Daniel
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