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  1. Hi, may it be possible, that Windows 10 Enterprise can't be installed on Kaby Lake processors? Greetz Chris Edit: No. Ok, thanks.
  2. Hi, the files sent from a watchout presentation computer to a watchout display computer always will be stored on the systemdisk, right? Is it possible to use another disk/an array of disks only for these files, while using the systemdisk only for the system? Greetz Chris
  3. Hi, because ich can't find any actual threads (actually it's january 2019), i'd like to ask two following question: 1. question: Which graphic card should i use, if i'd like to have 4 x 4Kp60 outputs? Conditions: a) At least one HAP and three butter soft running HAP alpha layers. b) Graphic card should be syncable, so more than one display computer can be used. 2. question: Suppose there were no limits on the reading rate, what determines how many (HAP-)layers run smooth? The "power" of the graphic card? The number and the speed of processor cores? Booth? Which va
  4. Hello, i'd like to ask if it's meaningful to build display-computers with Xeon-processors instead of i7/i9-processors? I am searching for an actual overview of a meaningful hardwarelist for display-computers. I only found this one, but it's too old. Greetz Chris S.
  5. Do you understand the sense of a TBC? A TBC will be used to sync an outgoing videopicture to a main sync (e.g. inside a big videosetup with hardwarevideomixers). Greetz Chris
  6. Because a Mac Pro can handle six Thundebold-Monitors or two DVI-Monitors (with mini DisplayPort to DVI-Adapters) at the same time, i'd like you to ask the following qusetion: What kind of hardware were next to your outputs? Greetz Chris
  7. Hello, is it possible to set keyboard shortcuts for playing tasks? Greetz Chris
  8. Hello, i`d like to use a serial port on the production computer for playing tasks. In the manual i only found a part explaining to use a serial port on display computers. Greetz Chris
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