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  1. Hey Jonas, The next day the layer appeared again and I was able to move everything, and just delete the layer, the problem has not occurred since. I think you are right that it was a cache issue, I will keep that in mind for the future. Thank you for the advice! Best, DJA
  2. I am cueing a show right now and I have started having problems with a single layer: This layer appears as though there is no content in it, but when I try to select it (click and drag) I can see the tweens. I am unable to fully selective enough to move it, and the content in that layer does not appear in either the program stage or on the projector. I then tried to delete the layer, but it told me was I not allowed to delete layers that have content in them. I went through the layer settings, and it is not invisible, or only effecting certain tiers-I could find no cause for this problem. Is there a way to override this,and delete the layer anyways? Has anyone experiences a problem like this? Thanks for your time, Dylan
  3. In my case, the problem was actually that the geometry on that particular stage had corrupted. The rest of the file was fine though, so I simply deleted the stage and replaced it with a new one. Then the problem was solved.
  4. I am currently having a similar problem with my display computer; while adjusting geometry, I canceled/closed the window to undue some tweeks and upon doing so the display and production programs crashed. I did a full restart and while on of my computers is fine, the other will no go live. It starts up and auto boots into the WO display program, but when I try to go live I get the error "Display disappeared." When this happens the projector shows an error at the display computer, saying that the program is not responding, it sits in that for a few minutes and then goes back to the desktop. And if I try to open the specifics window of that stage, then the production program crashes and I have to restart. Will my best bet here be reinstalling the watchout software? Thanks, Dylan
  5. Hello all, I am programming a show in watchout right now, a few days ago I had a file corrupt and lost a great deal of work; since then I have been saving a copy of the file as a different name each day to prevent content from being lost. I have noticed however that if I ever try and load one of the show files that was saved as a "Copy as" file, it is unable to find a rather large chunk of the media in the show, but it is able to find somethings. So yesterday I tried to simply rename the same watchout file, and I had a similar problem-it could find a great deal of the media but not all of it. What is the best way to save the watchout file under a different name like "Watchout Show X Final"? I read somewhere else on the forum that whenever you save a copy as, it wants to be in its own folder, with nothing else but the folder of its cache files. I read this after creating three different copies of a very large show, so I then created folders with the same name as the files, and put the correlating files in these folders. I have not had time to open them since doing this, does this seem like it will solve my problem? Or do the folders need to exist before you save the copy as? And even with that, is there a way to change the name of your showfile, without it taking thirty minutes to load when you open next, and keep all of it's media properly linked? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Dylan.
  6. It was a problem at my projectors-I did not have them in the correct sub group of IP addresses. Thanks so much for all you help guys! And jfk, you will definitely be seeing me at one of your training sessions this upcoming year.
  7. This has still not been able to work for me yet. I am working with two PT-D5600U's, and the manual says they support PJLink protocol, but I could not find anything about it in the menu. I was only able to see DHCP option which I currently have off. I have tried both numbers for the port (1024 & 4352) so I think it may be a problem on my end at the set up. Any thoughts? I keep seeing mentioned of a PDF with all the PJLink specifications, but I cannot find it, and all the links that I have found on the forum labeled that give me a 404 error. Is there a location I could possibly find that at?
  8. Hello all, I have what I believe is a simple question and I am hoping someone can point me int he right direction. I am getting ready to program a show in Watchout this week, and I know that we will want to handle all the dowsing using the internal dowsers on the projectors (panasonics I believe) and send those cues through watchout. I know this is possible, I have seen many people do it, so I am just wondering if someone could walk me through the broad strokes of the process so I could have a starting place to work from. I know you need to add the projector as a output-I was using the TCP option, I do not believe serial would be an option. I have read a little about about it trying to research this answer myself and I have also found a lot about string commands, enough to know that doing this does involve writing a string command and including that in the output data. How does one determine those? Is there a link out there with common commands for theatrical use? (IE Projector on/off, shutter open/closed). Any help what-so-ever with this question would be greatly appreciated.
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