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  1. Exactly the same! We haven't changed IP to names yet. Probably, next week we will try it and also will check the add/remove program menu. The temporary solution which we made is to determine automatically that WO had been minimized and restart it. Asmundboe, don't you use NDI stream or 3D projectors in your project as well as us? I have some suspicions about them...
  2. I haven't mentioned that we don't have any production computer in the project. Everything is run by Alcorn McBride controller via TCP/IP. So I have some doubts it would be possible to change the display name from IP to computer name. Maybe is should work, but we must make some tests.
  3. JJ Myers, thank you for responce, Yes, our displays are defined via IP addresses. But WO is certainly minimized and continues to run. There are several minimized WO windows on the taskbar. It is even possible to restore WO by clicking at the one of the windows, but the image will be freezed. However, sound is fine.
  4. Hello everyone. Maybe someone has met such a behavior of WO already: the display computer unexpectedly minimizes its window but continues to work. In our case it happens usually about 4 hours after starting. No notifications at all. This project initially has been installed about 6 months ago. After that there were some additions in content, updating WO etc. We encountered the minimized window problem a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't mean that the problem hadn't existed earlier, because our installation usually works less than 4 hours. Configuration: 1 PC with 3 outputs to 2 x
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