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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, speaking in layman's term here... so, I need to have some sort of software installed into another computer with tcp/ip features, and then connect it to a Production Computer (tcp/ip option enabled) via ethernet cable, and using the software in another computer, i'm able to start, stop, position and run the timeline on the Production Computer remotely. If so, what kind of software do I use? is it also possible to run 2 Production Computers simultaneously with TCP/IP? Sorry if i made it sound a lot easier than it is, I am still very unfamiliar with TCP UDP / IP.
  2. Hi all, is it possible to connect a midi controller to 2 production computers and controlling them simultaneously? Scenario: 2 production PC (one main, one back-up), each connected to 1 display PC projector output. Both production PC are connected to one MIDI controller, and hitting a key on the midi controller plays both production PC together. Both production PC are projecting the same content onto a same screen, if one production/display PC dies out, the content will still continue running without interruption nor delay from the second production/display. I'd just like to know if
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