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  1. Just had a thought, we all talk about the Frame delay of a system, as far as I can tell all video equipment has a finite frame delay, this is independent of the frame rate. So if a system has a delay of 6 frames, at 30Hz the delay will be 200ms but at 60Hz this delay will by cut to 100ms. Is this true in practice?
  2. Is the an updated version of "Codecs for stable WATCHOUT playback" for Ver6 and UHD/4K playback? Thanks Matt
  3. Hi All, In the Watchpax guidelines for H.264 encoding it states 8-16Mbit for a single video. We will be using the watchpax as quite a simple player without tweens etc has anyone had good results with higher bit rates or should we keep this as a max rate? Thank you Matt
  4. Hi Mike, If I use proxy video I understand that the content needs to be sized to compensate for the mullion area, this is due to proxy video playing back at the display resolution. I was trying to cheat this and keep content equally slices up and not use proxy, compensating for the mullions in the stage window. Now with a fresh look, I am realising that I need create the content correctly and use video proxy.
  5. I am working off line and don’t have any way to test live, hence the question. I have 4 LCDS in a row with a Watchpax on each, I can compensate for the mullions by spacing the display the required pixel count apart, this works when one media file is across all 4 displays. Now if I want to use media files that are pre-split and I position them over the required displays, are there any tips for doing this, can I use the size of display setting to help? Note this I am looking at doing this without proxy files so I can avoid pre sizing the content for the mullions. Thanks Mat
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