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  1. Mark was a kind, generous soul, always willing to share his knowledge. Sorry to hear about this. Condolences to his friends and family. 💕
  2. Hi Percival, I did a quick test of some 1080 DXV content with WATCHOUT 6.4 and have found limited functionality when QuickTime 7.7.9 was installed on the production PC. Since WATCHOUT does not directly support DXV, we cannot guarantee portability of DXV content from system to system, so what works on your systems may not work for others. Our recommendation at this time, would be to re-encode DXV content for a supported codec, such as HAP or h264 or another supported Watchout codec.
  3. (Minor Disclosure: I work for a display systems manufacturer) While I can’t speak for Dataton and their plans for WATCHOUT, I would think this would require strong participation from a GPU vendor in order to design an HDBASET output card to implement natively in a Watchout computer or Watchpax. So far, the major GPU vendors seem to be focusing on DisplayPort and HDMI technologies. Perhaps this will change if HDBASET gains wider acceptance. Right now, several display and projector manufacturers are implementing native HDBASET inputs…I happen to work for one of them :-) And it wor
  4. Hi Torbjørn, as Jonas mentioned Barco RLM-series projectors have a limit of two simultaneous, open TCP connections. This is a LAN chipset limitation. When more than two TCP connections are opened to the projector, the third attempted connection will be refused by the RLM. In Watchout, this results in the connection error message you see. If you are using a secondary control application, such as the Barco Projector Toolset simultaneously, this may eventually cause your recurring and seemingly random issue. Here is why this occurs with the combination of RLM-projector and Wat
  5. I think the problem is that the FaceTime protocol is Apple proprietary. Possible workaround: i have used a software app for PC and Mac called 'Airserver'. http://www.airserver.com. This allows your computer to receive from AirPlay (and Miracast for Android) devices. Your mobile device sees the PC as an AirPlay or Miracast receiver and will send a perfect stream of everything shown on your iDevice/Android screen. Then use the Live Video Media type to bring your PC desktop into the Watchout stage via VNC. This requires no hardware capture gear, just purchase of Airserver.
  6. (disclosure: I work at Barco...I also feel your pain! ) Agreed, the 'classic' Barco protocol is going on 20+ years, it is definitely showing its' age. Having now worked for several projector manufacturers in my career, I admittedly get to see a little bit more under the hood and frankly it is quite a marvel to see how well the multiple embedded systems found inside a typical projector work together. There are a lot of things going on inside these projectors and they generally don't all speak the same language. The good news with the HDX is that anything that can be done in the OSD ca
  7. There is an old Windows-based standalone control application available from the Barco/Folsom public FTP archive... ftp://ftp.folsom.com/Image%20Processing/MatrixPRO-8x8-DVI/ You may want to try this application out as a confirmation to test connectivity from your production PC to ensure you can control the MatrixPro. I believe the application also has a command window you can use to sniff out the commands to see the structure. The application may also be useful for you to set up presets with this application, as suggested by Walter, and then use those simple Preset commands to control t
  8. There are several reports of something like this happening with Panasonic projectors, the usual way to resolve is switch over to the PJLink protocol. Ive been thinking about what has been reported here over the years, and then looked at some of the forums at other media server and control system manufacturers for similar issues and have some thoughts about why this occurs: Watchout doesn't monitor what is happening on the port other than manage the connection, because Watchout is NOT a control system. Mostly this is a good thing, let Watchout be good at what it does. Use other tools when
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