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  1. Thanks a lot. That's what we have done. Fingers crossed!
  2. We are just the video vendors, these are the only details given to us by the client. When the 1920x1080 video is played at 16:9, the video stays in the centre, the client says it should spread across the entire screen. I guess the aspect ratio should do the trick.
  3. Hi, Have an event coming up where the LED specs are mentioned below. LED 3.7 mm CABINET SIZE 480 MM X 480 MM PIXEL FOR EACH CABINET 128 X 128 PIXELS TOTAL SIZE 36.4 FT X 12.6 FT TOTAL PIXEL 2944 X 1024 PIXELS (Aspect Ratio 2.875) We will playing a video on this screen. Now, the video was shot in full HD 16:9 ratio. In order for the video to cover the entire screen while it plays what needs to be done? Should the video be rendered at 2944x1024 resolution? Or should it be a full HD video rendered at 2.875 aspect ratio using letterboxing on FCP? Please help! Thanks Dhiraj
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