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  1. Hi Watchout Friends, I've seen many posts & advise that Watchout being used together with any live blend switchers like Encore / Spyder / Ascender for most corporate events in order to create multi display blend & PIP features. I'm totally agree that is how video system to be designed in the way to suits live corporate events. However, not all shows are budget enough to have pay for these premium live blend scaler switcher. I"m wondering Is there anyway using Watchout system as the last signal chain & let WO to handle PIPs by using capture card to capture PPT sources from scaler switcher & capture Live video (IMAG) from Vision mixer instead of Encore / Spyder / Ascender? Currently, the issue bordering us is the Live video delay. So we plan the signal path as like this - video camera -> Vision Mixer -> WO server (capture card - Datapath / Decklink DUO) -> Lightwave Matrix router (server A-main, server B-backup) -> Display Proj. As i read the forum in the previous post, 720p60 is the recommended setting to suits progressive nature of the server for any live input capture. How obvious the video delay if we follow 720p60 setting? Any other recommendation to minimize the video delay? Jim
  2. Hi members, I'm exploring to build a system with Dataton Watchout with other sub component like scaler switcher / matrix router without using layering live event blending switcher like Barco Encore / Christie Spyder / Analogway Ascnder to create a multi blend screen display. I understand Without can do but only the live camera (IMAG) input that bordering me which i'm also aware of these are totally 2 different discipline. For any live PPT inputs we intend to rely on any scaler switcher to handle it & feed it into WO capture card. What actually we exploring how visible live camera delay with proper configuration & setting between the cain from camera -> vision mixer -> WO capture card -> display projectors. Possible any members to share with us your experience to minimize Live video latency.
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