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  1. As have we https://cdn.dataton.com/Files-PDF-etc/old_software/MICSOFT.pdf Best Regards, Angelica Dataton AB
  2. Hi NNinja, I am very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the support we have given you (several times today actually), but I am very glad to hear that you find the forum useful! Next time, if you wish immediate attention/help, please make sure to submit a ticket for Technical support, and not a Bug report. As it is clearly stated on the Bug report form you filled in "Do not expect any immediate response to your submission, but we promise that we read and evaluate each and every report coming in. Please provide as much information as possible (show file/video/images) to make it e
  3. In the WATCHOUT User's Guide https://www.dataton.com/support/user-guides ,there is a whole chapter called Control Protocol. The section called "Controlling the Display Software" starts on page 177 and gives you a lot of good info such as a list of commands, different controlling options etc. Best Regards, Angelica
  4. Please take any price discussions outside of the forum as such discussions are against forum regulations "The moderators will zap any contributions with long automatic sign-offs, slanderous or offensive language, commercials, renting, selling or buying equipment. ". Thanks! Angelica, Dataton AB
  5. Hi J Sikorski, I don't really understand what you mean by updates? If you look at Tim's post from November 19, 2017 he says that "I finally got a chance to test this and have discovered that it's the production machine that's causing the problem. When I use high quality previews with HAP codec I get the error. I rarely use best quality previews and have only recently needed to use it with a set of virtual displays to aid in alignment. Even after turning off Best Quality I continued to get the errors for a period of time." So the questions is, what type of production computer are you u
  6. Hi Peter, The next version of WATCHOUT (currently running our whole booth at ISE, and to be released soon) contains support for NDI version 4.0. Best Regards, Angelica Dataton
  7. Hi, How many license keys are you using? WATCHNET requires its own license, so if you want to use WATCHOUT and WATCHNET at the same time, you will need 2 license keys. Best Regards, Angelica Dataton
  8. Hi, Some good-to-know information about Dataton Support: To improve our support routines, we will move over to using Jira Service Desk for all support queries starting on October 1, 2019. The address support@dataton.com will be discontinued and all new queries sent to said address will receive an auto-reply redirecting them to the new Service Desk. The Service Desk is part of our new Help Center, https://dataton.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals, where you, apart from requesting technical support, also can submit Bugs or Feature requests. Best Regards, Da
  9. Hi Guy, Many thanks for your interest! However, in this particular case we are looking for someone based in Morocco, with local contacts and knowledge, in order to build a long term collaboration. Best Regards, Angelica
  10. Hi, One of our partners is looking for an experienced WATCHOUT user/operator based in Morocco. If you fit this description and want to know more, give us a shout! Email: angelica@dataton.se Thanks!
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