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  1. Dear all Watchout users, I am having a problem with display detection in my display PC, when I connect my projector directly(with DP adapter) to my display PC its detecting my projector as normal and it works fine, but when I connect my PC with extron DVI extenders over cat6 it is not detecting my projector as normal, the display PC detect my projector in a different resolution(not the native) and display name then i tried to set the resolution manually in win7 display setting i couldn't find the native resolution of my projector from the list. somebody please help me to find a solution for this issue. Items used Projector xl7100u mistubishi 1024 x 768 Dvi extender DTP DVI 4K 330 Rx, DTP DVI 4K 330 Tx Disply Card FirePro W8100 OS windows7 DP adapter accell active DVI adapter Thanks, Jithu
  2. When we can expect Windows 10 tweaking list? Thanks, Jithu
  3. Hello, I need to know about the production PC hardware requirement, I am using a laptop as my production PC( 2 core i7, 8GB ram, quadro 1GB,512SSD,win7tweaked) some times its slowing down while using watchout6 so I need some advice from the experienced users to choose a good production laptop or PC Thanks,
  4. "Windows 10 anniversary update" is available now https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12387/windows-10-update-history?ocid=update_setting_client
  5. Thanks Jonas! So for OS can i use normal 850 PRO series? If I am using 512 GB NVMe-based M2-SSD, can i use it for both OS and Media drive? Regards Jithu
  6. Thanks Walter for your advise
  7. Hello, I am going to build a display PC for watchout 6. The same PC I wanted to use for content creations as well. So I am little doubtful about choosing a graphics card for watchout. I am looking for 4 display output. For content creation I require a high performance graphics card. My choices are AMD Firepro W8100 and nvidia Titan X, so please help me to choose right graphics card for my both applications. Thanks in advance. Watchout PC spec for 4 display output. Processor Intel i7-5960x Mother board Asus X99E-WS/usb3.1 Ram DDR4 64gb 2400Mhz G-skill Graphics Firepro W8100 or nvidia Titan X card OS windows 10 pro Chassie 4U rackmount Power Supply 1200W CPU Cooler Liquid cooled double radiator Disk Drive OS Samsung 850 PRO 120GB Disk Drive media 2 x Samsung 850 PRO 120GB RAID 0
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