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  1. Thanks for the info. Last but not least, Offline - load by double clicking a project file - Back to online Will work the same as you stated above right? I might not use remote due to unrelated foreign language conflict.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! JFK, a quick question, since we already tested your suggestion; What would be the safest way of loading another show? (Remote? Off-line -> Load -> Online?) We are in a live theater show. What precautions would you suggest in our situation? Clint, Thanks for the input, we might run some cables soon
  3. Hi all! I am facing a problem I would LOVE to solve on the Display/Stage Side of Watchout. I would try to simplify my investigation. My projection surface will change it's shape during the show. Assuming I have 10 AUX Timelines in a project. I would LOVE to be able and tell 5 to be projected via Display settings that are different from the other 5... The same projector is used and it's basically ONE Project. Lets say I need 2 different Geometry setups. Is is possible? I really hope I am clear. I would want to avoid dealing with the Corner pins of each video because of their amount and
  4. Thanks Michael! Adela, what do you mean? where?autostart.txt file
  5. Hello! I have a strange issue with the Geometry of the Display. I have a setup where we have 2 projectors projecting our 2 Outputs. We mapped and fixed them both to be perfect on our projection area and all was great. Our situation now is that for some reason we cannot really move the geometry perspective points As if they are now "locked" If we try and move points on Vertical option we can do so fo a limited number of times until it also gets "locked" Anyone experienced such issues? I could not find any info on the issue Thanks!
  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you! And thanks for pointing that out in the manual! This forum is very helpful. Good weekend to you all!
  7. Hello there! Again, I have 2 situations that I cannot resolve and Im sure they were discussed. First; I am on a main Timeline with several Layers, Control Cues, JPGs, Movies, ETC... The top-most layer is a PNG Mask layer (it's the size of the display, it will be there the whole time, won't move but will just be there stretched for the whole duration of the timeline) I would now like to tweak and better center the images below This is my problem Whenever I try to move an image, it'll try to select the top-most layer. I tried locking, It wont really help. The only workaround is turning
  8. Thanks! Never dealt with Watchout scripts. Is there a designated folder to put them in (aka install?) I will read through his post and instructions/
  9. Hi! This is a pretty basic question, and I assume the answer is simply NO. Cant find a way in the manual or examples. I have to ask though, before I proceed. Is there a way to scale a JPG for example - Scaling for 10 Seconds, But having a Pause Cue after 2 seconds while scaling will continue? (I might want to continue after 3 Seconds or 7...) I assume not because if the scaling is on the same timeline the Pause will...Pause it. The way to go is putting the scaling JPG in a longer Composition and put the comp on the timeline. If I am correct and Comps is the way to go - Is there a wa
  10. Thanks for the input guys! For now I think I will create a layer with 20 cues along a timeline and ill jump between them with the arrow keys... oldschool
  11. mmm... I mean assigning letters or numbers or any other keys... By saying "SPACEBAR" you mean that's pretty much it? SPACE and Fs?
  12. Thanks for the help guys! great tips. saving aux timelines from another project that holds the same assets can be a bit overwhelming, but it works! The F1 shortcut is a great idea. Are there other KEYS I can assign to Pause/Play Cue other than the Fs? My goal is to have 20 cues in a timeline that I can "jump" to... Adam
  13. Hi there! I am trying to find answers to 3 completely different question, with no luck so far. I would appreciate any input or guidance! 1. Using the remote app, for an operator to play a project; Is there a way to play a number of auxiliary timelines one after the other? I have a project of 20 Scenes. Each is on it's own timeline. I would like an operator to play them one scene after the other (each aux timeline has its own cues) Or should I lay them all and organize them on a main timeline...? I know it;s possible to manually play each aux timeline with the remote app, but I would
  14. Thanks for the reply! And yes... you were right. "If two people change the same file at the same time, Dropbox won't try to merge the changes. Instead, it will save the original file as well as a second " I guess I am conflicting when I open a project at home and by that creating the cache files... If I understand correctly if I delete the folder, nothing will happen to the project, its just that next time I open it, it'll recreate a cache chunk... right? Thanks (Is there a newbie forum?)
  15. Hi there After sometime of seeing watchout in action, I am now, for the first time my own. I believe I will spend sometime here on the forum. I do have a basic question regarding the Cache folder. I have some identical files there, actually a lot of duplicates, but with the line "(conflicted copy YEAR-MO-DAY)" on half of them I suspect the fact that my whole project is on Dropbox, where I can access it from 2 different computers... Is it? Is it a wrong workflow? Other than the fact the the folder is large in size, is there anyway it can do harm in the future? I like the fact that I
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