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  1. Dear MatzeLe-san, Major problem here is that, we do not know exactly, with which parts it should work or not. So far, the cause is unknown. In early days, we purchased X299 motherboard + WX8200 and tested, however, it did not work. After that, we tested several parts combination, but never got good results when using AMD. For your information, our test results as attached. We did not try other combinations, unfortunately. Best regards, Makoto Laguna Hills, Inc.
  2. Dear Rbedding, dear Bambam, dear Jochri, We just discussed internally and came to conclusion that, we should give up to use WX8200 and replace it by RTX4000 instead. Thanking you very much once again for all your advice and kind support extended to us in recent days. Best regards, Makoto Laguna Hills, Inc.
  3. Dear Rbeddig-san, We downloaded the 2017 Q4.1 and tried to install it. However, sorry to inform that, probably because it does not support WX8200, installation was not completed... so it did not work as expected. Please provide comments, if any. Best regards, Makoto
  4. Dear RBeddig-san, We just received your email letting us know the said link. Thank you very much for your kind offer and immediate action. We will download and test it bearing in mind it's our own risk. We will get back to you, if any further. Best regards, Makoto Laguna Hills, Inc.
  5. Dear RBeddig, Thank you very much for your information and kind offer. Yes, we would like to get the said link to your server to download it for our internal test! We will get in touch with you by separate email. Regarding a ticket at the support page, we once got it and exchanged views... However, they recommended we post here to monitor advice widely from other partners. Best regards, Makoto
  6. Dear all, Our test report; We requested a sales distributor of graphic boards in Japan for the 18 Q2 and 17.Q4 for the Radeon Pro WX8200. However, they could not offer any of these versions, which are not open to public currently. The distributor themselves did not keep it either. Instead, we received 18 Q3 they have. Therefore, we tested it just in case. However, the symptoms remain the same (the screen gets jumpy under H.264 and HAP format). As the launch date of WX8200 seems to be end of August 2018, 2017 Q4.1 for WX8200 might not exist. Also, we compared MPEG2 movie (th
  7. Dear RBedding, Thank you very much for your information. We will conduct our test bearing in mind it and get back to you if any further. Best regards, Makoto
  8. Hi, Additional info to our previous message; We have already tested all of below mentioned versions by early June 2021; Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition/Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise, published for WX8200's Previous Drivers, Version 21.Q1.2 to 19.Q3: However the symptom remains the same. Anyway, we will obtain the said 2018.Q2 driver for our next test. Best regards, Makoto
  9. Dear bambam, Thank you very much for your information. We will share it with our team and get back to you if any further. Best regards, Makoto
  10. Hello dear all, My name is Makoto TOKUNAGA from Laguna Hills, Inc., Dataton's partner in Japan. We have been facing a problem for a while with our custom PC using WX8200. We would therefore like to share details of the problem with all of you to find out solution if any. ----- We are planning to update the hardware of the WATCHOUT system where our custom PC has been installed. So, we made a prototype of a custom PC using X299 motherboard + WX8200, however WATCHOUT does not work well. As a symptom, the H.264 movie file always gets jumpy or freezes, also a bit jumpy even
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