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  1. Yes! That works. Thank you very much.
  2. I now have split the timecode feed so it is present at both the production computer and the display computer. I have searched through Watchnet unsuccessfully for any script command that enables timecode.
  3. Following your suggestion, I connected the SMPTE feed to the Display computer but still not reading timecode. Where (or what) is the Watchnet command to enable timecode chase?
  4. Can I read external time code via Watchnet? Most of my shows chase SMPTE from an external source. I want to load the shows from Watchnet but sync them with the time code as I can do through Watchout.
  5. A am experiencing unexpected behavior when using Watchnet 1.4. Sometimes when loading the Watchnet interface in the browser, the "Actions you can use" section on the scripts tab is empty. No actions are available. The only way I've been able to restore is to reboot the production computer on which Watchnet is installed. Both Watchnet and Watchout are installed on the same computer and I am switching between applications when this happens.
  6. Disregard. I have since discovered how to interrupt a script: just start a new one. I had a rather lengthy wait command in a script which prevented me from terminating the script until the wait was resolved. The wait was unnecessary so I removed it.
  7. Thank you. I am now learning to implement Watchnet. So far so good, but how do I interrupt a script that is running?
  8. This is an old thread, but I just now got around to running the AS SSD benchmark utility on my display computer. I am unsure how to interpret the scores: TEST: READ, WRITE Seq : 2377, 1624 4K : 41, 262 4K-64Thrd: 1541, 1448 Acc. Time: 0.074, 0.016 SCore 1821, 1847 4590 I am still experiencing periodic drop-outs on certain videos, usually at the same point on the timeline, but not always. Usually it is output #6 of my AMD FirePro W9100, but sometimes other outputs also. How can I determine the data rate of
  9. It has been just over a month since asking, so I'll ask again...Is Watchout Remote still being developed and will it be able to run on iOS 10.x? As noted in this thread, the link provided by the administrator works, but is not stable. If this issue is not going to be resolved, I need to find another method for controlling WATCHOUT remotely. Using an iPad seemed at first to be an ideal solution.
  10. Is this issue being addressed by Dataton, or do I need to consider a different method for controlling Watchout remotely?
  11. It's a new iPod, although jfk's analysis may still be true. But...it doesn't disconnect from other WiFi sources, so I'm thinking that particular problem is either related to my local WATCHOUT WiFi connection, or the remote software. Other devices (like my iPhone and old iTouch) connect to this WiFi network with no issues or dropped connections. All the other "buggy" issues I mentioned in initial post are shared by both my iPhone and iPad.
  12. Thank you for providing this link. Now I can connect via my iPad or iPhone running iOS 10.3.2 but the app is not stable. When I load a show, if I select any of the items on the "Control" screen, (timelines, cues, conditions, or messages) I cannot navigate back to the previous menu using the "Control" button at the top left. The app just hangs. I can recover only by pressing the Home button on the iPad, but doing so exits WO Remote and places me at the home screen.Also the "Back" button on the "About" splash screen doesn't work.If I select a show that was already loaded, a busy symbol ap
  13. I was hoping to use WATCHOUT REMOTE on my iPhone or iPad, but have been unable to connect to the display computer. I've been informed off-forum that this is due to a security feature of iOS10. Indeed, WO Remote does work with an old iTouch running iOS4.x. But it is a small display, and slow, and so not especially useful. Meanwhile my shiny new iPad cannot connect Will this issue be addressed in a forthcoming WATCHOUT update?
  14. Ah...I discovered how to copy 3D mapping projectors just as simply as any other item in Watchout by right-clicking on the 3D mapping projector in the stage list. Very handy and convenient. Still, it would be a nice feature (for me) if shows could reference a shared stage/configuration file. Then updates/calibrations to the base show would propagate automatically to all shows referencing it. Meantime, I'll happily cut and paste as suggested. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. Copy and paste from a "base" show, while not elegant or automatic, should get the job done. Using this technique, I've managed to copy and past auxiliary time lines and output cues from one show to another, but I don't understand how to copy and paste 3D mapping projectors. I have six of these in my "base" show but I know of no way to export these to another show. How is this done?
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