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  1. hey walter, shure its possible and in some reasons necessary. and yes, it is a solution, but it is still a workaround. show was running good anyway ;-) thanks, felix
  2. Hey, Yes, that can be a solution, but in case there are many videos need to be played, it is a lot of work. For now we do it in WO 6.1.4. but for the future, it would be nice to have these Problem solved... Thank you, felix
  3. Hey together, having 3 XI-Media Server with Marian Seraph AD2 Sound-Card and Nvidia Quadro M5000. Watchout Version 6.2.0. When i play a Quick Time MOV with HAP Codec, i have some strange Click noise in Audio. not often and not loud, but so loud that i can not use it. With same File in MP4, I dont have the Problem. But i need to use the HAP files. Restart Computer does no effect. The Sound-Card Settings i checked. Also all other Windows Sounds are all right. Anyway, these Click-Noise comes out of both Server. So the Problem is anywhere in Watchout. Now i did a
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