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  1. Hey together,


    having 3 XI-Media Server with Marian Seraph AD2 Sound-Card and Nvidia Quadro M5000. Watchout Version 6.2.0.

    When i play a Quick Time MOV with HAP Codec, i have some strange Click noise in Audio. not often and not loud, but so loud that i can not use it.
    With same File in MP4, I dont have the Problem. But i need to use the HAP files.

    Restart Computer does no effect. 

    The Sound-Card Settings i checked. Also all other Windows Sounds are all right. Anyway, these Click-Noise comes out of both Server. So the Problem is anywhere in Watchout.

    Now i did a downgrade to version 6.1.4. and i dont have the Problem anymore.


    Any Solution for this ? becouse basicly Version 6.2. is nice and i would like to use ;-)



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