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  1. Syphon is the Mac equivalent to Sprout, and I have had great success running various applications on a Mac outputting to Syphon, then using a software Syphon to NDI adapter and bringing that into Watchout.
  2. Hmm. Well it also seems to have resolved itself now. I'm going to assume it was media related. Once the show is over I'll do a through check of everything. Thanks all!
  3. Yes, the system is a known and tested infrastructure. It is a ShowSage system, and the only change that has been made this show was upgrading to 6.5. It’s a very strange thing, and now seems to be inconsistent. My current assumption is that it is related to the media files themselves and an encoding issue that WO is maybe having difficulty with (although after a restart, does run that media fine).
  4. Hi all, I have a new issue running our first show on 6.5. It seems that after I import one media file, it does not want to import another until I quit and reload the program. And often it locks up after importing, forcing me to crash it. This is true while being Online or Offline, and auto update on and off. Anyone have similar issues? I’ve tried repairing the install to no avail.
  5. There seems to be a issue using UDP commands to trigger the production computer. Jumping cues that are farther along the timeline will work correctly with the playhead running at the correct places on the timeline, but the display computer runs through EVERY cue between the original place and the new one. A bit of an issue when sitting in preset and testing a cue at the end; the entire show flashes through. I have heard from others that the issue is also happened with MSC triggers.
  6. I have also has some success doing this in a bit of a roundabout way. Using an Image Proxy with the URL of the request as the "media" sends the request, which is enough for the projector to respond. However, it does seem to pre-cache, so I put the proxy into an aux timeline, and triggered it when needed. You will get an error (as there is no actual image to load) but that was fine for us. Also since it's using a request, it doesn't run into the issue of the TCP port closes.
  7. I am having a similar issue on WO 6.2.1 currently. I don't have any long timelines (main is 10 mins, other aux timelines are less than 20 seconds). The long update is making Live Update unusable, as every time I make a change, I have to wait ~10 seconds.
  8. We are using our newer ShowSage machines for the display computers. The strange thing is that when the issue occurs, it happens on both the stage preview and on the display computer’s output, which are different video cards. Production computer is running Core i7 3.5Ghz 16GB ram SSD Nvidia GTX 670 Display computers: Core i7 3Ghz 16GB ram Intel 700 series SSD AMD FirePro W1700
  9. No error message. I'll definitely take a screenshot if it happens again.
  10. It has occurred when running a large amount of H.264 files before. In this case, it happened after a few hours of rehearsals, so perhaps running the video maybe 20 times. The video does not loop, but when it happens it is as soon as starting to play that specific file. Indeed, I just restarted Watchout and loaded the show file again, and then ALL of the media showed the same problem. Only a full reboot of the computer solved it. So far it has not happened again. The only change that I have made is running in Wireframe mode for the show (I was rehearsing using Best Quality).
  11. We have discovered an issue playing back some content. After running a show for a while, some of the media renders as green on both the Display computers and the Production computer in Stage preview. Once this begins on one piece of media, it starts to occur on others as well. A reboot of the computers resolves the issue, but it is not consistent on the amount of time after which it occurs. All of the media being used is either HapQ or Hap Alpha. Resolutions are 1920 x 1080. During the moment that the problem happens, there are 6 layers of video running. This is an issue that we have seen before with h.264 files, but not yet with Hap. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Michael
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