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  1. To copy all corners with Formulas you can: Select a clip that currently has Formulas, Press Tab to make tweens/formulas the active pane ctrl-a to Select all ctrl-c to Copy all Select Clip without Corner Tween track ctr-v to Paste This works on ALL the Tween tracks obviously. It does however grab the Formulas too. I didn't notice a way just to do isolated single/multiple Formulas
  2. To be clear this pertains to a Wishlist item and is currently not supported in 6.14. Basically. Being able to pipe Generic Variables to Formulas(e), including the ability to use tween values would enable: A method for keeping everything in the program without a roundtrip to the network stack A visual way to animate complex variables. Especially usefully when fine timing needs to be achieved with other elements An animators/artists approach to dynamically alter variables. Just sending Fade values to Generic Input doesn't always yield the most appealing results, e.g. for in Ease-In/Out on position tweens Does this begin to illustrate why I think this would be useful?
  3. As I said earlier, JFK has a solution that works. I was posing an option Shall I continue here or should I start a new thread?
  4. Sorry JFK. I didn't mean to imply that your technique was wrong. I have used it numerous times, often by resetting state through network via string just like you suggest. I was just taking the opportunity to ask for another elegant solution. I also have many other motives for asking for Generic Variables to be permitted in Formulas or to even pipe them back to inputs (although this is clunkier than need be), such as Master Tween Tracks, waveform generators, or something even as simple as tweenable inputs, or presetting state. The dissolve rate back in to an input is limiting. Tweening it would be joyful. Generic Variable in formulas.... would be sooooo cool.
  5. This can be solved with: **FEATURE REQUEST** Enable Generic Variable to be used as Formula
  6. Maybe a way to query strings via port 3040.. something like "getInput" or "getOutput" or "getInputArray" to evaluate them in another program.
  7. Is it just me, or am I the only one who is craving to use Generic Outputs mapped to either Formulas or Even to Generic Inputs? An "insane" amount of control and time saving could be added with this feature. This might include the ability to : Define Effect Presets Decouple Tween Tracks from a single piece of media and then multipurpose the tweens to be used in numerous places. A simple example of this might be to have a fade occur on all elements in an Aux Timeline whilst fading another in perhaps. I could go on and on about the uses here... I have been using similar techniques by sending String Outputs to Localhost and controlling inputs including fade rates within the same file. It works, but requires a couple of trips to the network stack and through the UDP/TCP listener on 3040. Functional but not elegant. That would also, perhaps, enable an easy visualization of animated input sliders the same way as I can watch them when I send a datastream in via 3040. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks Ignz. I will check in to this suggestion in the middle of next week. I shall report back with any additional info.
  9. Long time Watchout user here, since v1 actually. Mike, what is Dataton's official stance on developing utility software that utilizes the WO structure. Clearly it's copywrited and wouldn't want to invest a bunch of dev time writing goodies for watchout if Dataton ultimately decided to send me a cease and desist. :-)
  10. Can anyone point me in the direction of the proper setting to utilize this newish model. I have not been able to get live video to pass with this product. Do I need to use WDM driver on Display or Decklink setting? In Production, anyone have a list of which formats and input numbers correlate? Thanks in advance.
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