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  1. it would have been helpfull if watchout builds its own video converter like few other softwares build.... to convert any video files of any format to watchout recommended hap... codec files...
  2. Hello guys, is it possible that someone can add a link to proper win 10 enterprise OS link , which is recommended by watchout,, it will be help-full for those who want to upgrade.. its difficult to find right win 10 version.. i been tried few times and got unsuccessful..
  3. Hi am new to NDI, how can i send a presentation from a win laptop over ethernet to switch and recieve it in watchout production?
  4. Can we make a mp4 video transparent by converting to hap alpha using ffmpeg?
  5. Hi , am using ffmpeg now to convert any .mp4 videos .. to .hap ... but file size seems to be very high.. is there any way i can reduce the output file size by compressing? if yes pls let me know how the command needs to be?
  6. Hi . i am building a new display server with win 10.. but it looks like tweaking win 10 is quite big task... specially the registry edit is complicated for me.. is there any alternate easy way to tweak it? or do u suggest to go back to win 7 build..?
  7. am using fmpeg convertor to convert. am using command for conversion ; ffmpeg.exe -i %input% -an -ss 120 -t 30 -c:v hap -format hap_alpha -chunks 4 -y bbb_2160p30_hap.mov is this right command to convert normal video to hap_alpha ?
  8. Mr David thanks for all ur support. now i understood to convert videos to hap and hap.q format.. but hap.alpha isnt working.. the output video not coming as transparent video. anyways thank you so much again..
  9. Am trying for smooth playback and reduce file size by compressing the media file..
  10. Presently our output servers are ; can you suggest me a good compresssion rate now for hap videos to reduce file size ? Processor- AMD FX 8 CORE PROCESSOR. BLACK EDITION (FX9590), 5Ghz. MOTHER BOARD- ASUS CROSSHAIR, V FORMULA Z. GRAPHIC CARD- AMD FIRE PRO W-7000. POWER SUPPLY- COOLER MASTER V12000, PLATINUM. COOLER- CORSAIR H100i HYDRO SERIES. SSD HARD DISK 2 No's- SAMSUNG SSD, 840 PRO SERIES 128GB. DVD WRITER- ASUS 24X GREEN DVD WRITER DRW-24D3ST. RAM 2 NO'S- CORSAIR DDR3, 8GB VENGEANCE PRO SERIES. windows 7 Home basic 64bit. thank you.
  11. if i have to convert a sample.mp4 video to hap video what would be the command? and if i have to put some compresssion to it, what would be the best compression rate? how would be the command goes?
  12. What is ffmpeg ? is it a convertor? were can i get it? how to use it?
  13. Can you all suggest me some god CPU and MOTHER BOARD for a server which will be having 4k capture card from Datapath and quadro M4000 GPU, also running big resolution hap videos.. ? any advise would be appreciated.. was having in mind of X99 E 10G WS MOTHER BOARD... Wat u all think?
  14. I heard there is some convertor from Adobe , which can convert any content to .HAP ,.. can you advice which convertor is this? also need to know for hap video can we give some compression to reduce file size? if yes what would be the good compression percentage?
  15. Hi we are an upcoming watchout users, we need to know how we tell the creative guys to make videos? like format , codec if the videos within full hd 1080p resolution? Also if the video resolution goes above full hd? some creative guys ask so much information about videos when we ask them to make in .HAP codec, which is the best format above 4k? codec? frame rate? compression rate? bit rate? Also to make Alpha hap video what is the best codec? what is HAPQ? it would be helpfull if someone can answer my queries.. Thank you. Christi.
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