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  1. Makes sense, mat — do you have a WO6 Beta data file you might post for me? (one with some things in the timeline?) I'm on a Mac with limited access to other machines at the moment but I want to take a look at the markup for scripting purposes ...
  2. Hey thanks Mike and Mat — Questions based on this: • Are there dependencies external to that DFC_Data file that will be corrupted if I modify that DFC_Data directly outside of Watchout? • Do you have a sample v6 DFC_Data file (or .watch) that I can take a look at? Trying to evaluate what parsing this stuff is going to look like. Thanks, N
  3. Hi - I'm evaluating Watchout for a deployment of a multi-screen (many many screens) workflow wherein I'd like to be able to make some rough editing decisions in the Watchout timeline and then export those trim / start/end points as an EDL or XML or what have you for the purposes of using them in an NLE or compositing environment upstream of the Watchout playback system. Is there any way to do this in Watchout? Thanks very much, N
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