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  1. UPD with 1080i25 it really works though the source signal is 1080i50
  2. Hi, Morgan, thks yesterday i've changed the driver to 1-year old version and then the WDM input started working but it has a video delay bigger than when input is used with BMD software so will try to do it your way
  3. Just talked to the blackmagic support. They adviced changing driver to a previous version and so i did No effect. So I still need help very much. Do not want to switch to another software.
  4. Hi, all We have a good workink display PC and have just installed a Decklink dou card in to it The card itself work perfectly - both inputs are active and work with blackmagic software. Watchout display software gives 2 options for each input WDM capture and decklink capture But none of them works we've checked all the setting in both Display and production software Everything is set to the same 1080i50 Inputs are assigned in the Display software... But finaly it shows just nothing. Would appreciate any piece of advice - have only 2 dey before the show
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