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  1. Hi, Preroll is not the solution. If i increase the Preroll-Time, the lagging just starts a little earlier... Ive got an Hardware Raid Controller (LSI Megaraid) but even if im using the Software Mainboard Raid Controller ive got the same Problem. I changed the Hard-Disk drives to be sure its not a Problem of them, but still no effect... Im a little Idealess... Could it be the processors ? Ive got two processors on each Mainboard with 12 Cores each but with a relative low Frequency at 2,2 GHz... RAM is running at 2400MHz... Any Ideas ?
  2. So the way i need it, its not possible. I just want to start watchout display on three of my four outputs and use the last output to show some hardware graphs to find a bottleneck in my system.. thanks, TwoBeAss
  3. Hi there, ive got a big problem with my playout machines (2x xeon, 64gb ram, win7 64bit, 2TB Raid with 3000mb/sec, nvidia m4000) The problem is, that if i play back a movie (tested, TIFF and HAP) the first 1-2 seconds the video is stuttering, after this time its running smooth as expected (even if four outputs are used) but the first one or two seconds its like hell... Same problem if i do a blend from one to another movie, the whole show is stuttering for two seconds if a new movie is starting... Any hints for me to find the bottleneck ? Thanks in advance, TwoBeass
  4. Hi, fraps is not the solution, there are stable 50hz for me, but some framedrops are definitly there... i need to figure where they come from, and an overlay of the cpu/ram/hdd/gpu/whatever specs would be so great to find the bottleneck... any other tools that were good for monitoring my playout machines ? thanks for your answers...
  5. any news on that topic ?
  6. Hi, is it possible to run Watchout Display not on every connected Display ? I have four Output Plugs at my Graphicsadapter, an i just want to start Watchout Display on three of them.. Thanks for yor help. TwoBeAss
  7. Hey there, i am building a new Watchout-Server and i want to see whats the maximum possible playout capacity... I want to monitor if the movies or image sequences are playing fluently. Is it somehow possible to show the actual count of played frames, or is there another trick than the observation for stuttering playback... Thanks a lot for your help, TwoBeAss
  8. Thanks Mike, that helped me a lot!!
  9. Hi Watchouter, i am trying to get something like a "random value" to my Watchout Show to get a lot of pictures via the Dynamic Image Server shown all over my Screen without the need to specify every Position of each picture individually... I hope this is understandable, if not feel free to ask Thanks in advance...
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