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  1. I am unable to get any signal in the 'Timecode Tester'. However, I am seeing good signal levels in the windows audio recording devices menu. (Default device) The timecode signal is outputted from Qlab. I have the TC connected to the line in port from now. They have tested that this timecode is working with the other devices in the entire system. I suspect that it could be that the line in port on the production server's motherboard could be broken (very rarely does this happen), if I was to use an audio interface for the input.. would WO support this for timecode? I have attached some pho
  2. Still unsuccessful to get timecode input into the production server. They have tested 30fps and 25fps LTC signals. They are successfully getting an input level in the 'line in' (also tried using 'mic in') in the production server but they are not getting any signal in the Watchout Timecode Tester application. Any suggestion on this issue? Thank you so much in advance.
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for your detailed response. If you have any of the procedure videos available, could you please share them? They will be of great help! Much appreciated! Jason Cosmo Pro AV - Hong Kong www.cosmoproav.com
  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply. During show operations, if I have the timecode enabled and the timecode connected to the production.. will I still be able to manually override and take control of the timeline? I am thinking of backup solution if the timecode does fail or fall out of sync during operation. Thanks again. Jason
  5. Hi Mike, I've refer to both these sections in the WO Manual. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the issue with the inconsistent values (opacity) when I am controlling it via the Korg NanoKontrol2 Midi controller. Please refer to screenshot in below link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hl88by48wrrv4x/WO_Korg.jpg?dl=0 You can see in the input value it is at 1.000 whilst the opacity tween value is at 87% when it is supposed to be at 100%. Appreciate any help! Thanks again!
  6. I have a system with one production server and three display servers running WO5. I was wondering if I was to trigger the timeline externally via a SMPTE timecode, will I still be able to maintain control over/manually override on the production server? Also, will I need the SMPTE signal plugged into the line in of the production server? Do I need set the display servers as a 'display cluster' Thank in advance. Jason
  7. Hi Morgan, Thanks for your reply. I named the input name 'fade' so I can easily recognise the function. I didn't use any specific formulas/expressions. This is the first time I've linked a midi controller with WO so I might have done something wrong. Could you share with me the formula you used? What would be the simplest way to map one of the faders to control the opacity of a layer? I've also tested the Korg NanoKontrol2 on another production pc..experienced the same problem. I must doing something wrong in the configuration process. Thanks so much in advance. Jason
  8. HI, I am currently using a KROG NanoKontrol 2 on WO5 Production Server to control mainly the tween-opacity.It seems to be inconsistent every time I push up or down. On the input window it indicates to be reading values 0 - 1 (No matter, how fast I push the fader up and down). However, when I link this fader to the opacity value it seems to be different everytime I fade up or fade down. It looks as if the speed in which the fade affects the value. Alot of the times, even when the fader is pushed all the way down, the opacity value remains at a random %. Anyone has experience sim
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