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  1. HDMI signal extension is always an issue while we build LED walls using Watchout. Instead of extending HDMI signal through paired network devices and handling the hassles of video capturing, isn’t it a better idea if WO can handle network pockets containing video information, such as the HDbaseT. Less time delay can also be expected. Is it an option for Watchout to adapt HDbaseT ?
  2. We are on a project using WO5 with Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K. We have a compatibility problem now. While installing the Intensity Pro 4K with the original driver inside the SD card in the package. WO can capture the image. But every time when the PC is restarted, WO is no longer able to capture the image. We will have to remove the capture card from the PCI express slot and put it back for WO to capture image again. We upgraded the firmware and driver to V10.4.3. The display software come with Blackmagic can detect the video source and plays well. But WO is now unable to grab any im
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