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  1. Hi everyone Watchout 6.6.4/Win10pro has crashed on me while programming a show. Now I'm trying to open any of my auto-saves results in media errors. Errors with a Failed to load media "_root/D/..." etc etc. Is there anyway for me to recover my project without manually locating media of my hundreds of media items one by one?
  2. Thanks Erik I misunderstood this paragraph then on the 2 streams - “Each NDI media in WATCHOUT can be connected to two NDI streams; one primary and one secondary which may be used as backup.” Taken from the URL i originally mentioned Perhaps this document would benefit by adding a couple of bullet points “-virtually unlimited number of NDI sources depending on CPU, resolution/FPS, network configuration and bandwidth. -NDI outputs or multiple NDI outputs not supported.”
  3. reod


    NDI outs would be a great feature indeed! Any update on this?
  4. https://www.dataton.com/watchout-overview-video_over_ip_using_ndi I know WO can take in NDI feeds, limit of 2 streams. However can WO natively output NDI streams? Or are you limited to using NDI Scan Converter only applied to an screen output? Does a physical screen need to be connected to the GPU? NDI SDK 3.8 was just released with various improvements announced. Other MediaServer support output via NDI, I think WO would be amazing if it had this feature also, not to mention ability to output multiple NDI outs for multi-screen shows. Plus now
  5. This is great. Good to know! Thanks!
  6. So presumably you would indeed experience sync loss over time if you were using 2 Watchpax4's to achieve 8 displays for instance?
  7. I learned that using differing DisplayPort adapters cause the S400 card to not recognize other displays as viable clients/servers. Changing all DisplayPort adapters to be identical solved this for me too! FYI.
  8. Hey guys.. i'm having this issue too. 4 outputs, 1 machine with S400 sync card. Running 5.5.2. Fast motion causes tearing between outputs. Anyone with an actual solution at all?
  9. thanks Mike. Some great points that are helpful. I had to find out most of this out the hard way myself over the past couple of weeks. My first big show with multiple 3d objects as the set was earlier this week. definitely struggled a bit with handling 3d objects, etc. Are their any limits on the Virtual Displays that can be applied to objects? What resolution of VD is too big? Also, what guidance do you have on Semi-auto calibration of projectors? especially on 3D objects? what are the limits or pre-requisites? besides using 6 points. Is there a way to do any of it manually? asi
  10. Erik Hmm.. Yes potentially QT took over. I'll have to check The ProRes Proxy files that worked for me no problem were 1920x1080p29.97 The ProRes Proxy files that did NOT work for me were 5200x1080p60. 60 fps - perhaps this is the issue - the frame rate? Or if not the 5000+ width of the video?
  11. Does the ProRes Looping issue affect all types of ProRes? and all resolutions? I've had success in WO6 with ProResProxy and loops + free run was no problem. The resolutions were 1920x1080p2997 ProResProxy.
  12. Wiesemann, Do you mean to bake a static image as the texture? Will this allow me to still use a VD or other media as the texture of the object in WO6?
  13. @MikeFahl Thanks for this! I recently did my first large show with WO6 and quickly realized that there are definite limitations to PJ Mapping using the Semi-Auto Calibration tool. What are the limits? Is there any way to do the alignment manually?
  14. Having issues mapping textures to 3D objects in Watchout 6. Not sure of the exact workflow hear, but I can't seem to UV map the textures properly on objects. I think I'm missing a step. I've watch all the videos I can find regarding this. But nothing demonstrates a solution. Does anyone here know how to do this? What 3D applications are you guys using? I'm using Maxon Cinema4D - Broadcast R16.
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