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  1. Working perfect with last vision driver (v7-19-4).
  2. I´m waiting for my new UHD2 and I read this post... I wrote an mail to Datapath support: We have recently been made aware of an issue regarding the DirectShow filters not always being exposed correctly and believe that this has been resolved in the new VisionDriver released yesterday:https://www.datapath.co.uk/datapath-current-downloads/vision-capture-card-downloads/vision-drivers/vision-drivers-1/551-visioninstall-v7-19-4Please give it a try and let me know if the issue is resolved. Please let me know If you have luck with this! Thank´s
  3. This could be a nice feature to add on the next releases. I found this http://www.andrewoshei.com/watchout-relay/ I don't tested yet.
  4. Looks like is a conflict with the duration of the audio files. I made a lot of test and could make loop an audio file that wasn´t looping before changing the duration of the file.
  5. Same problem. Audio files won´t loop after 2 or 3 times . Tested with diferent audio interfaces (MOTU ultralite mk3 hybrid, Native Instruments Komplete audio 6, Yamaha AG 06, M Audio fast track pro) and in different computers (windows 10 server, windows 8.1 server and Mac pro Late 2013 server (Win 8.1 via bootcamp)). Also tested with different audio format types. I´m really intrested in using WO 6.2 feautures like NDI, but with this kind of issues It´s impossible migrate from 6.1.6.
  6. Hello. I`m running WO via Bootcamp on a MAC Pro Late 2014 like Display computer (WIN 8.1 - i7 3,5Ghz - 64GB RAM - 1TB SSD -two AMD Fire pro D700). I have conected a BM Intensity shuttle usb 3.0 and a BM Ultra Studio Express for thunderbolt (both inputs via HDMI). The latency is lower on the Ultra Studio Express of course, but capturing a live camera (720p 60) in the Intensity Shuttle the delay is aceptable. I have another problem with the usb video capture: The image gets freeze some times. I have to update the project several times to get back the image. When the Intensity Shuttle back´s to life everything work´s fine, but if I stop the auxiliary timeline where the live video source is, the problem apear when I need to use the live video again. Not always happens, but is a recurrent issue. I tried mapping the opacity slider of the live video capture to a midi CC and of this way never stop the auxiliary timeline, but the problem perist. No problems with the Ultra studio Express. Any idea which is the problem? Thank´s.
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