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  1. You know what they say - if else fails, read the instructions... Thanks Walter
  2. Ok solved, i converted all files to .wav and reconecting them one by one. One more thing that does not belong to this thread, but i will dare to ask; i use two projectors stacked to get more luminosity. So the screens are overlayed completly. I cannot get to the settings of the lower screen without moving the upper one. Any way to do this?
  3. Ok, that i can convert. But what bothers me the most is i can play only .caf files on at least three different production computers. I am not a programmer so i don't go further from copy/paste prompts to Terminal or Command line. So DirectShow tweaks not my teritory. I can convert to .caf but i would rather figure out why it doesnt play any audio. Thanks, Gregor
  4. Hello! I am new to Watchout, so please bare with me if i missed the answer to my questions in other posts. I use Watchout 6 with Windows 7. I have inherited a production with over 1500 cues. The project came on a USB stick, when i loaded it, it started to send error messages. On some production computers it will not load one specific folder with video files. The error is: Operating system error: Unspecified error; Cant read media file It will playback audio from video files and .caf files, but it sends this message when playing mp3: Operating system error: the owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist; DirectShow media error And for wav, aiff,... This: rendering error: Not implemented; Not implemented I have turned of the media center and so on, and i set for all the files to open with Media player, but no luck. Any ideas? Best, Gregor
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