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  1. Hi all! We will soon be able to have a smooth import of tracking data into WATCHOUT media servers. RTTrPM which is a part of RTTrP will be supported on selected Dataton hardware. Release is planned to Q3-2018. Trond
  2. trond

    WATCHOUT 6.2

    6.2 Internal Beta test since a week back. Update to follow soon. Update to follow shortly. NDI Currently NDI in. Thanks all for your patience. Lots of improvements for current functionality as well. Trond S
  3. Hi Everyone, We are very proud that WATCHOUT, WATCHPAX 4, WATCHNET and WATCHMAX production computer were chosen to drive Emaar's new record-breaking 1.7 billion-pixel video wall in The Dubai Mall. The video wall was unveiled in August and features 820 OLED screens from LG in a wavelike configuration. This new attraction measures 50 m by 14 m and is located above the main tank of the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the mall. If you are in Dubai, don't miss it! Read more about the record video wall here: https://www.dataton.com/stories/watchout-runs-worlds-highest-resolution-video-wall-at-the-dubai-mall Thanks to everyone involved in the project, with a special humble thanks to systems integrator; DigiComm!
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks for your comment. Dataton constantly look for ways to improve the WATCHOUT capability to meet the market needs. At the same time we also need to keep the natural workflow in the production process, and secure that integration of 3rd party products work properly. Thou a script to translate and interface with other protocols might seem simple, the testing, verification, and documentation process take considerable resources. We also need to secure that future upgrades and releases of new software versions from both parties are supported. This is all ment to meet the criteria of not jeopardizing the core product. We have contact with several suppliers of 3rd party products, and are investigating the possibilities of future integration of supporting services and products to our product line. Best regards Trond Solvold Sales Manager
  5. Looking forward meeting new and present Dataton and WATCHOUT users and partners in Las Vegas next week! Contact details: trond@dataton.se ph: +46705253510
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