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  1. Hello, how do you cope with the situation, that the gamma setting was removed from the newer amd driver/settings. Or how do you generaly cope with the gamma settings in order to get best blends? I have gamma of projector setuped to 2.2 and I guess the gamma on the gpu (firepro W7000) should be also 2.2 but now there is now possibility to see it or change it. Thank you for any thougts/advices on this topic. Jakub
  2. For example, I completely reinstalled control computer with watchnet, there are only windows 7, watchnet 1.4, watchout 1.6. Watchnet is set to autostart with windows and five times it starts ok and than it fails to start with this error message in the log: 2017-11-24 21:31:42,260 INFO WATCHNET Server stopped it stops because of restart, but it doesn't start after the restart: 2017-11-24 21:35:04,822 ERROR WATCHNET Creating server; AxProtector Java Error: Method [Class [com.dataton.sm.worker.Discoverer$2] -> <init> (Lcom/dataton/sm/worker/Discoverer;)V ] was loaded before any entr
  3. What I am trying to achieve: That watchnet could run on computer without logged-in user. Which would help if you need to manage computer with remote desktop. So you just log-out and don't need to restart after you do something remotely on the computer.
  4. Hello, this is a question/feature request. Do you consider a possibility to run watchnet as windows service? Do you have any experience with turning watchnet in to the windows service by some third party software? Do you think it would work? Because it would make sense, as watchnet is kind of server application and if you connect remotely to the computer with watchnet you have to restart when you leave. And the computer have to be configured to log in user and start watchnet automatically. Or do you have any better approach / procedure? Thank you for any advice
  5. Unfortunately this is not the case, I did nothing with the watchet software/machine. I just restarted the machine...
  6. Hello, I restarted machine with watchnet 1.3 and the watchnet showed me tab with "Please specify system administrators password (login name is admin)" message, after I did that the watchnet settings were completly empty (scripts, panels etc.). So I looked to WATCHNET_Data folder a there were these files: Spec_bad_5436064718646872249 Cache_bad_2118567053780715942 Spec Cache Do you have any experience with such behaviour? Or what do you think could be the problem? Thank you for answer, Jakub
  7. I would try to control the display computer with telnet or WO Remote. If the projection will act the same way, than its most probably something with the projection computer.
  8. Hello, Its possible to make a clip shorter, but is it possible to make it shorter from the beginning? To cut off for example first 2 minutes of a clip? Thank you for answer Jakub
  9. Hello, the problem was static ip address setup-ed in start-up script ( Watchpax changed it to after first unsuccessful attempt to update (and I let it do everything automatically for the first few attempts). When I switched it off after some time, it started up with the 200 address again and than changed it to 221 - so the WO production didn't see it and so on. Now when I noticed this ip change, I went offline and in wo production changed the display-watchpax ip address to Than I went online. The watchpax asked me again about the update and real
  10. Hello, I am trying to update watchpax2 from version 6.1.5 to 6.1.6. The watchout gives the message about different versions and if I want to update. I click ok. The watchpax displays this message: "The WATCHOUT license key can`t be found. Re-trying automatically in a few seconds." If I click "Retry" (with the keyboard connected to watchpax) nothing happens. I tried to swith watchpax on and off, restart watchout etc, but with no result. Thank you for any help, Jakub
  11. I haven`t find any camera to move or view inside the stage window, but you can get similar result by rotating the 3D object itself...
  12. Thank you for answer, as I understand and tested, the only way is to print screen a scalled "view window" of the "3D Mapping projector" or to be satisfied with front, top or left view of the stage window. Or is there a way to move in stage window like in the "view window" of the "3D Mapping projector"?
  13. Or you can go to advanced menu of the Ati settings (section EDID emulation) and set the edid emulation while connected directly with DP cable. Yo can either set it directly or save the edid data. But dont use the Force edid emulation option - its kind of blackbox. Rather set the edit settings to each otput.
  14. Hello, is it possible to export 3D mapping projector view? I woul like to make visualization of a show and send preview to a clinet, but I can`t find a way how to export the 3D view... Thank you for answer, Jakub
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