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  1. Thanks Nigel, Could you said me the brand and model of your Active DP to HDMI? We have use Startech DP2HD4K60S, and it works fine with other DP laptop output, so with the Firepro WX7100 windows sound options only show 2 channels. Could this be because the video card drivers are not updated?
  2. Hi, We have a Denon AVR-3500H dolby decoder with hdmi, toslink and optical audio multichannel inputs. We like to extract 7.1 digital audio from Watchout Display, but it hasn't any audio digital outputs. It has a FirePro wX7100 video cards but we only can output 2 audio channels from they display port connectors. We have two options, install a sound card with toslink output (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX) or install a video card with hdmi and embedded audio 7.1. (MSI GeForce GT710 1GB DDR3 Low Profile) What solution do you recommend?
  3. Hi Evanoferra, I transcoded the videos to HAP and the issue has not happened again at 7min 30s. Although now I have another problem that I have to determine. If you have mp4 videos, please transcode to HAP.
  4. Thanks, I transcoded the videos to HAP. I'm testing the show. For the moment, not detected any issue.
  5. Yesterday the issue happened again. Playback started correctly but after 7 min 30s the Watchout video outputs showed the Watchout Logo. The audio continued to play correctly. What else can I test? Diego
  6. Thanks Hugo for your contribution.I don't know if that you say will help, because it fails after 7 minutes. The playback always starts well, but just in case, today I just added "-Delay 15" On Monday, I also changed the preroll to 10s and staggered for the 4 videos that would have to be played after the player fails. For the moment, no failure have been detected. Diego
  7. Hi, I have a strange issue with 2 watchout displays. The show is played correctly, but when the displays computers are shutdown for some days (2-3 days) and then it are power on and load the show, it is played right for 7:30 seg and then the video reproduction fail showing the watchout logo on all screens of first watchout display computer and 2 seconds after the watchout logo is showed on all the screens of second watchout display computer. Note that when it occurs, it is always at this time. Audio and UDP events continue to play correctly. If I reload the show, the screens keep sh
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