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  1. Hello, I find a bug of 6.3.1. it 's happed like this. I have a audio track wav file, it is free running and loop , and a pic fade out and pause cue between this audio track. when my pause cue just at the end of pic cue, the audio will pause too. if i just shift the pause cue a frame before or later. the audio will not pause. hope this useful for others thanks Du
  2. Ok, thanks jfk, I will try make a video test it. for backup we have many this kind watchout machine, on the show we have main and backup system runing sync.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a project that led size is 15360wide 2048height, I plan use one display server output 4x4K, here is out watchout machine config: cpu : Intel Core i7-5930k CPU@3.5Ghz (12CPUs) LGA 2011-v3 ram: 32G os disk: Samsung 950 Pro 512G M.2 media disk:Intel SSD 750 Series PCIe AIC 1.2TB internal SSD graphic card: navidia M5000 with sync card is this machine enough strong for it? or I need use two server, each output 2x 4K and pre split hap video file? thanks
  4. Hello, I have a problem at watchout 6.2.2. Just when watchout running several hours or one days, the display machine jump to watchout logo, but on production machine looks ok, no any message, but offline and online can't slove it. need close watchpoint and restart watchpoint. does anybody meet same problem? Thanks
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