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  1. Hi Everyone. New watch out user here. After an office refurb we now have 38 metres of video wall spanning round the entire office, with 12 projectors connected to 3 x watchMax servers to display our content. One of the main reasons for this setup was to display our live internal stats reports ( we are an IT company), our dashboards are built in Tableau BI tool and published to an internal server, where they basically reside as web pages. However when pointing the dynamic image server at the URL's for these dashboards, instead of displaying the actual dashboard, we get the server login page, with no way to actually login. I have it working crudely by using a computer screen media within watch out and displaying another PC's screen thats already logged in to the dashboard via VNC, but as we have 10 + dashboards to display, we would need 10 individual PC's each running a separate dashboard, which isn't viable. is anyone aware of any way or workaround to get watch out to display content from a secure (authenticating) website? Thanks
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