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  1. I am specifying a hardware upgrade (media servers) for a client's existing Watchout v. 5 system, in order to add live video feed capability. I understand the importance of the capture card in affecting latency issues, but which server parameter tends to affects latency more - processing power or video card capability? I may not have enough budget to supply premium components for both (it's a five- server system), so I am wondering if there is a preferred way to prioritize the upgrades. Rick Frendt, Theatrical Projections & Design
  2. I've been using WO for a while now, as a controller for animated stage backdrops. I have recently encountered an error message that I have never seen before, and which I have been unable to clear. It comes up when I load a new show file and attempt to go online for the first time. Instead of sending the shows out to the display computers, I see this: "More than one stage item in a layer has the name Display 1" I'm using a three display setup, and a simple sequenced timeline. All of my video cues are video proxies which project across all three projectors. To try and isolate the problem, thinking it was a single cue, I eliminated each of the cues from the timeline one by one, until I had nothing left. Even with a completely empty timeline, I get this same error message. I assume there must be an error in my setup somewhere, but I can't figure out where. Any thoughts?
  3. Well, the problem appears to have been solved, though I have to admit I'm not sure why. I first tried running the show through Watchout Remote instead of from the production software on the control computer, but this didn't seem to have much effect on the flickering (it may have reduced it a bit, but that might have just been my imagination). I had earlier tried moving the pause cue forward a few frames before the end of an offending video cue, and that didn't help either, the flickering simply occurred where the cue was set. However, today I tried moving the pause cue back a few frames (just 2 or 3) past the beginning of the next video cue, and that solved the problem in every single case. I'm very grateful that this is working now (and so is my client), but I don't understand what's going on technically that would make this solution work. I would love to understand this better so I can adjust appropriately in the future. Any thoughts? Appreciatively, Rick
  4. Yes, I believe each of the laptops does have the NVidia card set as the preferred graphics card, but I will double-check just to be sure. Rick
  5. Thanks all - I'll try Watchout Remote at the theatre tonight, and report back. I had previously tried to move the pause cues just before the end of the cue to no effect - the flickering simply happened wherever the pause occurred. I am hoping not to re-render, since my resolution format (1920x1200) won't work in MPEG-2. Fingers crossed... Regards, Rick
  6. Thanks to all - I was using laptop computers for the display computers, which each had their own displays. Cloning them in the display setup cured the problem. Many Thanks!
  7. I am running a show using Watchout 5.5.1 and six displays. All of the show cues are linear, and so are simply lined up one after another in the main timeline, with a pause cue at the beginning of each video cue. The video cues are relatively short (5-20 seconds on average), and are all pre-split using video proxies. They are .mp4 (H.264) files. I am experiencing some signficant flickering (a quick flash of a black screen) for various displays every time the show reaches one of the pause cues. On many pause cues, one or more displays go completely black for a fraction of a second before restoring the appropriate still image. Different displays flicker each time a pause occurs, usually more than one, but they are not consistently the same displays. I am running six display computers, all completely tweaked for Windows 7: Dell Latitude E6500 Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz 4GB DDR2 RAM 64 GB SSD 1920x1200 Display NVidia Quadro NVS Graphics Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 Watchout 5.5.1 The flickering doesn't occur on every cue, but for many of them. I have tried re-rendering the resolution of the cues down by half, just to see if this was related to a performance issue on the display computers' part, but lowering the resolution has virtually no effect. The video cues all seem to play fine, except for the flickering at the pause cues, which is very distracting (this is a theatrical application, the cues appear on a very large backdrop, so the flickering is very noticeable). I have no idea on what to try, or check next. Any thoughts? Regards, Rick
  8. I am running Watchout 5.5.1 on a six projector system, (all computers tweaked appropriately), and am having an unusual problem with one of my display computers. When the splash screen first loads, it shows the display name and network address correctly, but on the display computer, the network address is followed by a "1", and on the projector screen the splash screen is different, where the address is followed by a "2": 1 (On the display computer) 2 (On the projector screen) This happens whether or not I am connected to a network - if no network is active, this display computer does the same thing, only with the host name, adding a "1" on the display computer, and a "2" on the projector. It only happens with one of my display computers, and this display also seems to be projecting at a different resolution than the rest of my system. I'm a bit new to Watchout, and I'm sure this is something simple that I have missed - any thoughts? Thanks, Rick
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