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  1. Hi everyone This is Ozgur and i have a question. Yesterday i tried to load an 3d obj. File to my watchout 6.1.5 ( i know this isnt the last version but this is the one i have to work with it for some time) and it keeps crashing on me. So i tried to use 3ds file instead obj. Filea and 3ds file is visible on the stage and positioned directly in front of the 3d mapping projector on the stage in software but it doesnt show on the projector . Live update is turned on and status is online. Other strange thing is that 3ds object isnt colored like originally was when it brought in to the watchout It is black and white!? Any idea what i am doing it wrong? EDIT: June 18 2018 This issue has been resolved shortly after i posted this question.. Now i can work with both of this files. Thanx Anyway.
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