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  1. Thanks for the advice. The surface is not a flat screen so masking isn't an option. It seams like I would need to go down the 3D model route. However I am now using Resolume Arena which solves all my issues as it has the ability to capture slices of an image in the output settings and then keystone them individually meaning it should be quite simple to map the surfaces. I would have liked to try and do it in Watchout but the show is happening on another continent and I won't be on site to solve content issues so it needs to be as simple and reliable as possible! Thanks again!
  2. Hi Everyone I am a brand new user to Watchout so please go easy on me! I usually use d3, Catalyst or Hippo but am currently designing content for a project running on Watchout. I have gone through the manual but still have a few questions. We are projection mapping onto a series of rectangles forming the backdrop to an awards show. I have designed a template for creating the content but I wanted to make sure this will work! click image for full scale original <image added by moderator> Is Watchout able to capture sections of a video file and then individually keystone them to map onto the surfaces? I have attached the template I have designed below. Sorry if this is a stupid question! Thanks!! Joe image origin: http://imgur.com/QJk9yDM
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