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  1. Since there's some interest, here's the link. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Hello guys, Just wondering if you ever build setups where you'd want to connect to a video source that is far away via public Internet and still have sub-second latency (even bi-directionally). We have a free product that does just that. The ins and outs are NDI and SDI (and I've seen here that WATCHOUT will be adding NDI support soon). Not posting any links here just not to be pushy. But if someone is interested, I'll follow up. Andrey
  3. We ran some tests and posted a short review of the DeckLink Quad 2 here. Hope this helps. Of course, other companies have 8-channel capture products as well: see Deltacast and AJA, but they are more expensive. BMD currently has the best price per channel. Stream Labs is also releasing an 8-channel solution this year, their price will be competitive to that of Blackmagic.
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