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  1. So to clear this up a bit, Yes we were projection mapping a dome from the outside with 4 projector and Live Update needed to switched on to allow us to get 6 points of Alignment in the Calibration tab on each projector. We were behind on an install and I forgot that Live Update will send all files to all display machines. This was the root of my problem. As a work around to a very heavy show file populated by 13 other images being projected by 20 projectors playing a 27-minute show, I opened our original presentation file and performed the 3d projector calibration inside that file and
  2. Apologies, Yes we are currently running watchout 6. The problem was indeed Live Update. We were doing a dome alignment in a show file that contained all the content. Easily solved by working from a stripped back file with the stage and alignment images only. Then copy the aligned stage into the show files.
  3. I am working with a system of five display computers. One of the computers is transferring files that it does not need for the show. This in turn, is filling the hard drive. Every time I go online the computer wants to transfer files that it has no room to store. This computer is not displaying any of the files it wants to transfer. I have tried updating the cache with no change. Any ideas or thoughts welcome. Thanks
  4. I am still encountering this problem. The keys are recognised if plugged into the production computer but as soon as I plug into the display computers they are not found. Display software recognises the keys and the display software works, it just will not talk to the production computer. I have upgraded the key firmware and codemeter software on all machines and still nothing. Any Ideas?
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