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  1. Hi Everyone! I have the same problem. The older Nvidia GPU driver (460.89) solved the problem on the Production PC (Geforce GTX 1050Ti). But I have 2 Display PC with Geforce RTX 3060 GPU. I can only use this gpu with newer driver (466.27 ). What is the solution for this problem ? Thanks. Zoltán
  2. Dear Josef! I mean that configuration worked flawlessly with Watchout 5.5.2 software naturally without live update mode... And I need live update for color correction , saturation and corner tween operation ... I have to see what I'm doing.
  3. Hi! I’ve been use Watchout software ca. 8 years ago in theatre. This is the actual configuration: Production : Asus ROG Strix Scar II (RTX2060) w. Win10 Enterprise, Watchout 6.4.1 Display computers in network: 1, Watchmax (2 display outputs use) 2, Watchpax2 (1 display output use) 3, Watchout Display Computer (Asus X99, 16Gb RAM, Samsung 850 SSD, ATI FirePro 7100, win7 prof. )(2 display outputs use) Gigabit Ethernet network, with 5GHz Zyxel WiFi AP for Production PC. (I usually use wired network, I use wireless only for project creation.)
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