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  1. Just another request for Notch integration. In the short(er) term, it would be awesome to at least get NotchLC codec support. As we all know, the quality of Hap is starting to become inadequate by modern standards.
  2. Hi there, did you guys find any further resolutions on this issue? Am having a similar issue here - high end i7 server, with quadro m6000, raid 0 array, and watchout 6.2.2 on windows 8, running four custom rez outputs at 30hz. Seeing stuttering on four HapQ videos (about 1.5x 4k worth of pixels total). Have pushed these servers much harder without issue before. Seems to be some correlation between going offline and back online (sometimes induces stuttering), and remoting into server to "relaunch" watchpoint (seems to fix stuttering temporarily). Any discoveries or thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if this problem has been resolved? Can you drive four / six displays now at 4k60 now with a WX7100 / W9100?
  4. I actually experienced this recently, as well. I have to agree with Fisejs - Watchout blending does do something weird toward the edges of its gradients. In my scenario, I ended up disabling all of Watchout's native blending tools and going "old school." I built custom feathered overlays in photoshop, and placed/scaled/positioned them on discrete tiers for each output. After a bit of tweaking, this looked 10x better and eliminated the "highlight" lines around the Watchout blends - which also indicates to me that this was not a gamma/projection issue.
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