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  1. Hi Wiesemann, I tried to replicate the bug right after the show that night. I was not able to make it happen again. I tried really hard. Redid the exact same steps that I did. It just never re-occured. It was a really weird bug. If I ever come across again, I'll update this thread. thanks for your input
  2. Hi, I missed Alex answer. There are 2 network port and each computer (production and displays). Only one port on each computer had a network cable plugged in. In my case, the production computer refused to roll any timeline. It was stuck at stop. I would click on the play button at the bottom of the timeline and I would see the button being pushed down, but it would return to a non-pressed state immediatly after the release of the mouse click / space bar. thank you for your time
  3. Thank you for your answer. The stage preview was in high quality for programming. that must be why. It's unfortunate that w-o cannot handle this error and just crash instead of maybe not allowing to get there. I only found this behavior while trying to reproduce the "not responding to play" issue(Which I was not able to reproduce). windows 7, service pack1. The basic tweeks had been done. The show is done now, I don't have access the graphics card. Now about the real issue. The playback not responding. I wish I still had access to the computer to get the event log of windows. I'll se
  4. I've been able to make the watchout production computer crash easily by preloading (pressing stop) aout 16 tasks. Is that a normal behavior? CPU was way under 50% memory was also under 50% However, I can't reproduce the not playing main timeline thing
  5. Hi, I had a show with multiple clips in the timeline. It played perfectly for 2 days. The computers been rebooted between those 2 days. At the end of day 2. Arrowhead is position before the cue. I remember that I triple, quadruple check that I was clicked on the main timeline and that I was online and that I was not on standby mode friday april 12 at 20h35 - I Press space bar - Nothing press again, maybe I didnt fully press - nothing I think, maybe the keyboard stopped working, I click with the mouse on the green arrow at the bottom of the main timeline - Noth
  6. I'm very interested your answer towards this question
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