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  1. Hi Wiesemann, I tried to replicate the bug right after the show that night. I was not able to make it happen again. I tried really hard. Redid the exact same steps that I did. It just never re-occured. It was a really weird bug. If I ever come across again, I'll update this thread. thanks for your input
  2. Hi, I missed Alex answer. There are 2 network port and each computer (production and displays). Only one port on each computer had a network cable plugged in. In my case, the production computer refused to roll any timeline. It was stuck at stop. I would click on the play button at the bottom of the timeline and I would see the button being pushed down, but it would return to a non-pressed state immediatly after the release of the mouse click / space bar. thank you for your time
  3. Thank you for your answer. The stage preview was in high quality for programming. that must be why. It's unfortunate that w-o cannot handle this error and just crash instead of maybe not allowing to get there. I only found this behavior while trying to reproduce the "not responding to play" issue(Which I was not able to reproduce). windows 7, service pack1. The basic tweeks had been done. The show is done now, I don't have access the graphics card. Now about the real issue. The playback not responding. I wish I still had access to the computer to get the event log of windows. I'll see if I can find a way to get it. Anything else I should be looking for that could be helpful finding the problem? Thank you
  4. I've been able to make the watchout production computer crash easily by preloading (pressing stop) aout 16 tasks. Is that a normal behavior? CPU was way under 50% memory was also under 50% However, I can't reproduce the not playing main timeline thing
  5. Hi, I had a show with multiple clips in the timeline. It played perfectly for 2 days. The computers been rebooted between those 2 days. At the end of day 2. Arrowhead is position before the cue. I remember that I triple, quadruple check that I was clicked on the main timeline and that I was online and that I was not on standby mode friday april 12 at 20h35 - I Press space bar - Nothing press again, maybe I didnt fully press - nothing I think, maybe the keyboard stopped working, I click with the mouse on the green arrow at the bottom of the main timeline - Nothing I move the arrowhead else where, it moves but no files play on the production computer and on the display computer. press space bar again multiple times. Try ctrl-D try going offline (I can see the status window going from online to offline) then online (I can see the status window going from offline to onine) nothing happens try offline-online again. still does play quit the application, reopen, everything works. Missed the first 25% of the show( a 4min show) My client was unhappy, and the client of my client even more. I can't even reproduce the bug. It seems very random to me. never saw any error message. The log show the same message error mxhscroll or something like that. See attachment watchout version 6.2.2 Let me know if there is something I could provide to help you help me thank you warwolf-logfile-noresponcetospacebar.zip
  6. I'm very interested your answer towards this question
  7. You could also use put a virtual display where your screens were and output those virtual display on top of the new location of your displays. You would now have individual brightness control of each virtual display and you can apply any tween you would like to use. Virtual display are very powerful. with the previous options given, I think you can see that there is multiple options for you. With Watchout, There is always more than one way to do something. -Have a good day
  8. I have tried without success to reproduce the problem with 6.1.5. I have tried with machines that has different hardware. I guess this one is solve.
  9. Hi, Thanks for your time. Yeah, I guessed that there will be no more update for watchout5. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with this bug again.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your time. I tried to rebuld show cache with no success. So I deleted all the files in the watchout displays and reuploaded the show with no difference. We have a lot of cues that we have tested and retested and reharshed and did too much show with this version (6.1.4) to take a risk and change the version. So I won't test 6.1.5 to see if it makes a difference. I ended with this wayaround my problem : I sent network command to a QLab as a backup. I have tested this behavior in 2 completely different display computer (different motherboard,cpu, graphic card, audio card) and the behavior is exactly the same. Thanks for the email, I will use this channel from now on to send bugs details.
  11. Hi, When I have a bug, is there a person I should contact instead of using this forum? I never got any feed back. I was using 8watchout with a total of 32outputs (16main / 16backups). I think this kind of setup is a great showoff for watchout. I'm quite deceive not to have got any answer. I did get around a couple of weird issue. But I needed help for this one. I ended up rebuilding the entire show because I couldn't get any answer. Please provide me a better channel to communicate bugs
  12. Hi, I'm playing wave sound file in free run mode. It works fine in the producer, the sound does freerun when the timeline hit the pause cue. However, when the sound is played from the display computer, the sound plays but stop at the pause button. Therefore, I can't have any backup sound for my show. I really need the free run option because the next cue can happen at any moment but the sound needs to continue. It's a 260 cue show, troubleshooting live is a absolute no. I really need the display to behave like they should. -I have tried assigning with the name of the display and with the icon placement without any difference. -I have yet to try if it's only assigned to the display instead of both, I will try tonight. Wave file PCM S16 LE (araw) 48000Hz 16bits Any idea why they are behaving like this. On another note, I need to set the preroll to solve the "pop/click" issue at the beggining of each audio clip. I used 2sec of preroll and it solved the issue.
  13. Hi, Watchout 5.5.2 When I make a composition with multiple layer in and I drop the opacity anywhere else than 100% it moves the positions of all the layers inside that composition. It moves the media of about 4-5 pixels on both X and Y axis at once whenever the opacity goes under 100%. If I would change the opacity from 0 to 99% the offset stays the same. I have taken all the tween off of the layer inside the composition except scale(it contains only one value), but it still happen. I can even see it in the Preview without being online. If anyone has an idea what I could be doing wrong of if its a bug Thanks
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