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  1. Hi Angelica: Thats good to know! Thanks for the update. Just wondering, do you know if the NDI discovery server feature (included in NDI 4.0) will be added to this next version of WATCHOUT build as well? Regards, Peter
  2. Just wondering, any chance that dataton can look into updating WATCHOUT support for NDI to version 4.0 or above and include NDI discovery server support? I run large amount of NDI stream via WATCHOUT and the ability to use discovery server will allow for much more stable source discovery instead of using mDNS (NDI 3.8 or below). Regards, Peter
  3. Would love to know about the same thing as well. NDI output will be useful in my particular use case as well.
  4. Hi everyone, I am just evaluating WatchOut 6, and I am trying to use WatchOut 6 to create a more interactive show / event that is tie into a game. To do that, there is a requirement for us to sent some triggering signal from the game (an external sources) and then once WO6 receive the signal, then WO6 will then trigger different certain layer of animations or effects, etc. The source of these signal could be from another computer in the same network, or it could be a physical button, etc. So this is where I get confuse by looking at the WatchOut 6 manual. From what I read, WatchOut can
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