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  1. Thank you Miro, this helped indeed now! We figured out that the E2 EDID we were working with has 10 bit color/channel per default. We were having this problem with both LTSB 2016 with all the fixes installed - including this cumulative update - and lately with LTSC 2019. LTSC 2019 seems to have changed the EDID management behavior - EDID from physical outputs may now override the AMD driver settings even with "Force EDID" checked, which is disturbing. Other than that it seems to run stable and has way less unnecessary programs and services pre-installed. Yes, w
  2. Thank you, jfk. Is Watchmax you are mentioning based on a X99 mainboard? I wonder how to track down what we are doing wrong after everything we tested.. We run those machines for more than a year now with 6x 1080p outputs wich has never been a problem, but 4+ 4k60 won't start with Wacthout regardless of AMD driver version or Win7/Win10 setup..
  3. Hi, I am trying to ask this question here - my apologizes if it was addressed before, I could not find it so far.. We have installed and tweaked Win 10 Enterprise LTSC on a X99 machine with a single W9100 /32GB GPU and S400. The problem is that Watchpoint won't start with more than 3x active 4K60 outputs per machine. It will start with 3x, but will run into a gridlock looping start-up routine with 4x or more outputs. Watchout v.6.3.1 AMD drivers are 17q4.1 Did anybody experience the same problem? Can anyone confirm that Watchout has been working smoothly on a W9100 wi
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